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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday, november 6th. finance leaders from around the world have wrapped up another meeting with another pledge about the economy. representatives of the group of 20 industrial and merging nations say they will do everything necessary to achieve global growth. they put out a joint statement following two days of meetings
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in mexico city. they say global growth remains modest and downside risks are still elevated. they are warning against possible delays in tackling europe's debt problems. deep spending cuts will kick in at the end of some tax breaks. the finance chief caution extre belt tightening could trigger a slow down. the officials call for gross strategies along with fiscal reform. they urge nations in good fiscal standing to step up public spending to stimulate grow. it's significant that member nations were able to agree on necessary steps.
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regarding the fiscal cliff threatening the u.s. he said american official leaders have promised to minimize the global consequences of official tightening. president barack obama and mitt romney are making their final pitches before americans head to the polls. obama visited three swing states. he told a crowd in wisconsin that romney would resurrect the republican policies of four years ago and preserve tax cuts for the wealthy. >> it's a choice between returning to the top down policies that crashed our economy or a future that's built on providing opportunity to everybody and growing a strong middle class. >> romney also campaigned in swing states. he told an audience in florida that obama had failed to deliver on promises to reduce the economic burden on americans. >> tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow we begin a better
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tomorrow. this nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow. >> the latest poll from abc news and the washington post suggests 50% of likely voters will cast their ballots for obama. 47% for romney. polls indicate a close race in eight states. some suggest the candidates are running even. others give obama a narrow lead. >> the economy is what i think is numbe one. >> health care. >> new jobs. >> investors around the world are also closely following the u.s. election. >> a lot of focus on the u.s. election here in japan but investors are looking at the
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earnings reports coming out of japanese companies this week. let's start by taking a look at stocks here in tokyo. they are trading lower on tuesday morning as investors hold pack from active trading ahead of the presidential election. the nikkei is at 8,970 that's down about 37 points from monday's close. as i said many investors are keeping an eye on upcoming corporate earnings reports for the half year through september. shares of panasonic and sharp are trading lower again. take a look at tokyo for an exchange. trading is limited ahead of tuesday's u.s. presidential election. a dollar yen is right now trading at 80.17 to 19 and the eu euro/yen stands at 102.55 to 57. analysts say investors buying yen after gains by the dollar last week on favorable data.
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south korea's kospi is up. in australia the index is trading higher about a quarter percent. chinese officials are open to second front in their solar power world with the european union. they filed a complaint with the world trade organization. china's commercial ministry says their unfairly supporting solar power equipment makers. it has serious consequences for china's solar related exports. the eu ran an investigation into september. a spokesperson release add short
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statement acknowledging the chinese action. business leaders are looking for any competitive edge they can get in this climate. some in japan are finding it's not enough to rely on employees who are technically talented. they say identifying and keeping people who get along with others are just as important. >> reporter: workers at this call center sell a variety of produc products. this name tag was used to point out areas that need improvement. each tag can identify other tags. when one worker interacts with another a record is kept who spoke to whom when and for how long. this data represents a weeks worth of conversation logged by a group of employees. people who interact often with others appear closer to the center.
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the red mark denotes a team leader. a case study found he had little interaction with his tied. it revealed he was too tied down to his desk and wasn't paying enough attention to the people around him. >> translator: this has made me realize i need toad provide more direct support to my team of operators. >> reporter: this group leader decided to modify his working style. he makes more of an effort to talk to his team leaders face-to-face the tag system was developed by giant hitashi the it's designed to record and detect physical movements as well as the length of time people speak to each other. the system determines how
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based onody movements.ion was >> translator: the technology gives us scientific data on actual communication and tells us about the vitality of a work environment. >> reporter: this chart shows the energy levels of conversations at the call center. it reveals that groups with good sales figures have animated chats on their coffee breaks. >> translator: i love being able to shoot the breeze on my breaks. it energizes me and motivated me to get back to work. >> reporter: employees were asked to spend their breaks with coworkers around their own age. their rate of securing new orders shot up by 13%. >> translator: this system shows there are lots of ways to boost sales. i'm sure we'll be making major changes to how we manage this call center. >> the people at hitachi
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developed another tool to analyze behavior data. it tells where clerks should stand to maximize sales. that's all for me now. i'll leave you with how the markets are performing in asia.
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investigators are trying the find whout is responsible for a series of bomb aattacks. two people were killed. the government blames opposition activists. the victims were from india. one other person was wounded. police say the bombs were homemade and placed by roadsides. the country's largest opposition group issued a statement denouncing violence and called for transparent investigation into the attacks. muslim residents have been staging rallies to demandor rights. a sunni royal family rules the country. israel's prime minister said again and again he's willing to
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use military force to stop iran from making a nuclear weapon. two years ago benjamin netanyahu took them to the brink of a strike. he met with senior ministers and advisors. the armed forces chief of sff reportedly opposed the plan. he argued that the military lacked the capability to have a successful strike. he pushed him to get an agreement. they both retired last year. they have been vocal critics of netanyahu ever since. he told the u.n. general assembly he could set a deadline of next is summer at the latestr iran to halt its nuclear
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program. afghan leaders are preparing for the withdrawal of u.s. troops in 2014. government officials have begun a new program to encourage taliban soldiers to leave their posts and integrate into local communities. >> reporter: in the center of the province a ceremony is held for fighters who are renouncing their membership in militant group and reintegrating into society. >> translator: i have fought for over ten years. many of my comrades were injured. i'm tired of this. >> reporter: taliban soldiers who handed in their weapons received about $360 to cover living expenses. this is is equivalent to six months salary in the cotry.
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>> translator: the afghan government pledges full support for people who participate in the peace process. >> reporter: this ngo which is supported by the japanese government gives former soldiers work removing land mines and exploding mines are being accumulating in conflict since the invasion of the former soviet union in 1979. devices remain scattered across the country and innocent people continue to fall victim to them. former soldiers are housed together and go out every day to use metal detectors in their search for land mines. >> translator: i'm happy. by doing land mine removal i can contribute to my country while i get paid and send my children to
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school. >> reporter: international forces estimate that over 5,000 soldiers have left the taliban in the pt two years and believe the group has been weakened. >> the pressure will still be applied by a very capable afghan national security forces and therefore they are increasingly thinking about reintegration because it's the only way they'll stop fighting to preserve their own lives. >> reporter: on the other hand it's soldiers still feel a strong sense of unity. >> translator: many farmers and unemployed people pretend to be taliban to the government so they can get cash and work. the government is giving the wrong impression by saying the group is weakening. >> reporter: national government
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is striving to convince as many taliban soldiers as possible to reintegrate before troops pull out in 2014. thailand has hosted international transgender beauty on t contest. we report on how one contestant made her way along a winding road to happiness. >> reporter: international beauty struts their stuff while competing for the crown but this is not your average beauty pageant. 21 contestants from 15
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countries are here for the miss international queen 2012 a world class transgender beauty pageant. the annual contest is now in its 8th installment. this is the first year for toyota be broadcast internationally to viewers in over 100 countries. >> translator: this pageant promotes thailand's image and enable the whole world to have a good understanding about transgender. >> reporter: representing the country thailand, a 21-year-old. from a young age he had been more feminine than other boys. at the age of 16 he decided to have a sex change operation.
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now as an up and coming transgender fashion model new opportunities present themselves for her. there is a reason she must win. that reason is her only family, her mother. >> translator: all along my mother has been my biggest fan and supporter and is very happy for me. her support is the most important thing for me. it gives me the strength and confidence to do anything. >> reporter: her mother lives about 450 kill meometers away f bangkok. life has not always been easy. after divorcing her british husband when their child was only two and a half years old
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she single handey raised jele. she would do anything for her only child from working at a chew factory to being a maid at a hotel. >> translator: it was a hard time. i had to work alone. i often couldn't afford my child's education and asked for help from my sisters. i have just taught jele to be a good person. i let him decide to be a woman because it's his life. >> reporter: on the big night she is glued to tv watching the pageants final contest. >> goes to number 7 from thailand. >> reporter: when the moment
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came, jele took third place after her fellow fiphilippine know and brazilian contenders. >> translator: i'm happy she won third place. i just hope she do what she likes in the future. i want to tell her i got third place and to be proud of your child. i really want to see my mom now. >> reporter: although born as a boy and now living as a woman the love between jele and her mother is unconditional and this mother's prayers for the success of her child continues. concerns are rising over whether tokyo e lek tri electric
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power workers have secured enough power. they had overreported the number of workers it has on its payroll. nhk found that only 8,000 workers have registered for the job as of last month. utility has estimated 11,700 workers are necessary for decommissioning work this year. it said there would be no manpower shortage as it secured about 24,000 workers. this represents the total number of people who have worked at the crippled plant since the accident on march 11 last year. 16,000 workers have quit the job. many of them left due to severe working conditions. officials say that some workers will register again and there will be no employee shortage in the short term. they also admit they cannot predict how much workers they can secure and must train their work force. 3,000 people are working on the
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unprecedented project. japanese researchers have found something in a river bed from the time of dinosaurs. they dug up a meteorite. they studied soil from the bed of the river in japan. it was formed around 215 million years ago. they discovered 50 to 2,000 times the levels of platinum. researchers believe the metals in the river bed was disbursed when a meteorite crashed halfway around the world. the impact left a crater 100 kilometers in diameter. researchers believe the crash alted e earth's enronment. time to check weather
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conditions around the world. many people in japan are looking out their windows and seeing gray skies. >> a couple of low pressure systems are dumping quite heavy rain across central portions of japan. rain will be spreading for the east and half of japan. we anticipate an additional 2200 millimeters of rain to fall in e next 24 hours. thunderstorm gusty winds will be a concern here. back behind it another system is dumping snow in north eastern china and north korea. snow will continue throughout the day. on the other hand thunder showers in south korea and western japan will be tape te t off. rain showers in south western china will head towards the east
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province. temperatures are dropping down to 11 sdegz and 17 degrees in tokyo. rain will be dissipating. moving into the americas. this is where the jetstream is flowing and low pressure systems will move along this flow. first of all, we have a low west of british columbia. that will move into coastal areas. the coast mountain in british columbia will see as much as 30 centimeters of snow in the nt 24 hours. ahead of the system we have another low. snow as well as rain showers are likely. chicago will turn wet on your tuesday. we have a very powerful low pressure system over the south. this is bringing the risk of severe weather in south eastern texas and southern louisiana. even tornadoes cannot be ruled out. it's going to be moving along
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the eastern seaboard from tuesday evening into your thursday. that means the east coast where hurricane sandy devastated will be seeing another round of stormy conditions ahead of the middle part of the week. rain will start in atlanta on tuesday and washington, d.c. and new york city will see rain showers on your wednesday and even snow showers are possible overnight wednesday and thursday. on tuesday when the presidential election will be taking place sunny weather will prevail with low temperatures here and sunny weather also continue in los angeles getting up to 29 degrees on tuesday. finally let's go over to europe. severe weather in the baltic states. it will be moving ai away toward the northeast.
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showers will remain. any slight amount of rain could trigger further flooding as well as land slides and a big storm system is moving in from the north. that's going to affect central europe as well add much of t scandanavian peninsula. very warm in athens getting up to 27. here is the extended forecast.
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our top story this hour, finance leaders from around the
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world have wrapped up another meeting with yet another pledge about the economy. representatives from the group of 20 industrial merging nations say they will do everything necessary to achieve global growth. the finance ministers put out a joint statement following two days of meetings in mexico city. they say growth is modest and downside risks are necessary. they are flagging the approaching fiscal cliff many the u.s. deep spending cuts in t new year will kick in at the same time as the end of some tax breaks. the finance chief caution extreme belt tightening could trigger a slowdown. they mention the japanese government's failure to pass legislation for debt covering bonds. the statement says g 20 developed nations have agreed to present liable reconstruction plans for 2016 and beyond. they called for growth
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strategies with fiscal reform. they wanto step u public spending to stimulate growth. that's it for this edition of "newsline." stay with us.
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